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Hey guys,


So I am sure you are all familiar with the main cast photo, it is shown on the right. I noticed a few things that kind offf... I don't know how to put it but I guess you could say they stood out. I edited the image in Paint and highlighted the 3 things I found interesting, and numbered them. Here's the image:


This is the legend:

1) Top of the wall

2) Background

3) Brunch menu

These are the analyzations I made:

1) Notice how you can see the top of the wall. Is it just me, or is it a little too short? If this was going to be a location that they shot at frequently, they would create a larger set. With a wall the size of this, it'd be hard to create a wide shot upon it.

2) This is the most interesting of the three. As you can see, it's nighttime outside. But, as 3 suggests, it's a brunch place. Why would the characters be at the brunch place at nighttime? Do they own it? I doubt it'd actually be a real window, it's probably in a soundstage anyway. Also, it looks like some sort of apartment building, somewhere in the distance. Since the show is based in New York, it's very unlikely there wouldn't be anything in the way of the building, which suggests it's wither on a hill, or next to a river. Maybe the show is based in a burough that isn't Manhattan like Brooklyn or Queens, and is set somewhere along the Hudson River.

3) This one is pretty simple. It's just an indiction that the resturant they are going to is probably not a bar. Serving brunch, the resturant is probably a coffee house or something along that line.

Well, what do you guys think? Comment below! I'd love to hear your opinions!