How I Met Your Dad Wiki

The following is a portal linking to the userpages of the reigning staff members of the How I Met Your Dad Wiki. Below them is a template featuring all of the users that have held bureaucratic/administrative/rollback/chat moderator powers on the wiki, both current and retired.

If you wish to become a staff member, contact the wiki's founder. He, along with any other staff members will discuss whether or not you deserve to be promoted, and they will make their decision from there. However, if you have proven to be a good editor and the wiki staff notices this, they may reward you with the promotion instead of you having to ask. If you are already an administrator or bureaucrat at the How I Met Your Mother Wiki, and you wish to join this wiki as a regular community member, you will immediately be given the rights you currently hold at the How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

Staff Member Requirements

  • You must have been active on the wiki for at least a week.
  • You must have at least 50 edits.
  • You must be able to at least check the wiki 4 days a week.
  • You cannot have been blocked ever. (Possible exception if an age issue.)
  • If inactive for more than 60 days you will be demoted.

Staff Members



Infomation Table

Name Date Promoted Status Activity
Derpster01 December 28, 2013 Wiki Founder/Bureaucrat Active February 3, 2014 Administrator Inactive
LegenDove March 24, 2014 Administrator Active
Dumblepops April 19, 2014 Rollback Active