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• 4/1/2014

Krysta Rodriguez Leaves How I Met Your Dad

According to various news sources Krysta has left HIMYD after the first table read.

The Toronto Sun states "Actress/singer Krysta Rodriguez has dropped out of a leading role in the How I Met Your Mother spin-off...she exited the pilot project after changes were made to the script following the first table read."

I'm personally saddened by this, but I believe if the Actress isn't right, the character isn't either. If Krysta wansn't a good fit, she wouldn't be a good Juliet.

Post your thoughts and opinions down below!



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• 3/26/2014
( I was looking forward to her.
• 3/26/2014

Well, let's just say that Krysta Rodriguez will miss the highlight of her career.

• 3/26/2014 wrote:
:( I was looking forward to her.

yeah, hopefully they will get someone else that's better!

• 3/27/2014

I don't recognize the actress, but it is indeed a shame that she won't be working on the show :/

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